Originally from France, I moved to The Netherlands in January 2021 for personal reasons. After almost 4 years working in the Translation industry in Belgium, I got the opportunity to diversify my tasks and acquire new skills thanks to VehiKit. What I like here, is that every day is different and that you can grow and learn based on what you like the most. Project Management, Marketing analyses, launch of new products, translations, support to the Sales team: my tasks are as versatile as my interests.

Language talent

Currently learning Dutch and already speaking various languages, I have the chance to pursue my passion for languages being in contact with people from various nationalities in this young and international company, not only thanks to our great teamwork, but also through the moments we spend together outside of work.

Dutch Culture

For me, working at VehiKit is also synonym of immersion into the Dutch culture: coming by bike on the beautiful cycle highway (and being late because of an open bridge 🙃), having a “borrel” (aperitif) with typical bitterballen every Friday evening, walking to a typical Dutch market during lunch break, never finishing to work late as it is common in other countries, and having a good work-life balance thanks to homeworking, all of this is part of my daily life!