We are a young and growing company

We are a young and growing company and every year we have several opportunities for interns. Because we are growing so fast, an intern can really make a difference. We are sometimes overtaken by reality, as a result of which procedures are already obsolete or plans are shelved, simply because we do not get around to them. The perfect opportunity for an intern to get their teeth into.

We have opportunities for higher education students who are looking for a cool internship, but also for graduation interns with the intention to stay after graduation and, for example, follow a traineeship with us. This not only gives you a lot of work experience, but we also immediately offer future perspectives. In short, plenty of opportunities!

This is how applying with us works: 


Have you seen a nice vacancy and would you like to apply for it? Send your application to hr@vehikit.com. We will contact you as soon as possible. Our aim is to give you an answer within a few days.

1st Interview

Your 1st meeting is with the relevant Manager and the HR Advisor. We invite you to our office to get to know you better. In this way, you also immediately get a sense of our cozy atmosphere. Do you come from abroad? No problem, we often plan a 1st meeting online with international colleagues. 

2nd Interview

If there is a mutual click, we will invite you for a second meeting in which we go deeper into your ambitions and interests with the position and our company. We are happy to schedule this soon after the 1st meeting so that you can meet even more colleagues.

Working conditions

If we are both still enthusiastic, we will invite you for an employment conditions interview. We will make a suitable proposal to which you will hopefully say yes, and we may welcome you to Vehikit!