About our Purchasing team

As a team, we ensure that all products offered in our webshop are available on time and under the right conditions. We work closely with both internal colleagues and external suppliers to ensure a smooth and reliable procurement process.

Our team is committed to quality and accuracy in every aspect of the procurement process. This means that we constantly strive for the best deals and delivery terms while maintaining an optimal inventory level. Our buyers maintain close relationships with suppliers, which is essential given the international nature of our company.

Additionally, we are always identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement within our procurement process. By regularly analyzing the market and following trends, we can anticipate changes and stay ahead in the sector.

What characterizes our team is the balance between professionalism and a pleasant working atmosphere. We work hard to achieve our ambitious goals, but there is always room for camaraderie and personal attention. Our department is dynamic, youthful in spirit, motivated, and we place great value on close cooperation, involvement, and ownership.

Ester Zwart, HR & Recruitment