Why do I like to work at Vehikit?
To be honest, our company give us the freedom that falls in the limits of the individual personalities of each of us. They trust us up to a certain point to do our job in the best way possible. Besides that, our company is a modern cool concept of business with a lot of future. I like to work for it and in my particular case since I have been working here for some time, it is nice to see how fast we are growing, it is very exiting. But the thing I like the most till now, are my colleagues, it is easy to work when you know that the day will be fun without taken our professionalism away.


How it is a day for me at work?

In the morning, 95% of the times, for some reason I wake up always 5 seconds before the alarms goes off, it's very annoying!
After that, I prepare myself before the long drive to work, around 1h driving and sometimes more depending on the traffic.
As soon I’m at work, I automatically go for my coffee and the coffee of my teammates if they like it. Then, I get into sales mode. I do the things that need to be done in order to sale as much as possible besides my other obvious responsibilities.
Times a times, I take little tour to see how my teammates are doing, cracking some jokes, just being me and make them smile and obviously making their day happier, just keeping the good vibes.  Then, I go back into sales mode and by the end of the day, it is already 5PM. Time to go back home. Sometimes I carpool with Thomas or Emilie, so, after dropping them at their homes, I always put my nice Latin music on and drive back home in chilling mode! That’s a normal day at work for me.