The will to improve!

In 2011, one webshop after another was launched. An inspiring time for innovative entrepreneurs. Mark van den Born also closely followed developments in e-commerce. He wondered whether it was possible to sell the interior that Van den Born Carrosserie installs for customers in their commercial vehicles online.

In 2012, went live for the Dutch market. 10 years later we are active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria and Poland under the name We are on our way to becoming the leading van equipment platform in the EU!

Working at Vehikit is for adventurers! If you are the first to sell van equipment through a web shop, you will have to figure out how to do that yourself. And if you want to go 'next-level', you have to shape it yourself. Due to the rapid growth, the organization is constantly on the move. People with a 'growth mindset' feel at home at VehiKit!

Team Vehikit is very diverse. From a young expat to a local hero in his fifties. You come across it all. There is a fresh, international vibe in the company and there is a lot of room to do your work in a way that suits you. Vehikit is a perfect company to gain broad experience in e-commerce in a short time.

Our values


At Vehikit, we believe in being adventurous. We are not afraid to try new things and explore new solutions. We're open to testing a lot and thinking outside the box. We're creative, entrepreneurial, and we embrace continous change. We're not afraid to disrupt the status quo because we know that behind every peak lies new opportunities. We believe that in this new world new skills are needed, and we are ready to embrace them!


At Vehikit we are achievers. We work smarter to make a difference and deliver quality results. We are pro-active, disciplined and autonomous. We take ownership and are goal-oriented. We get the best out of relationships and challenge each other to be our best. We strive to achieve great things, individually and as a team. 


At Vehikit we are a-typical. We embrace diversity and uniqueness, recognizing that different people bring different insights and perspectives. We celebrate authenticity and value those who put our customers first. We think a-typical profiles help to create a company culture of acceptance and inclusivity, in which everyone can contribute.

Human interaction

At Vehikit we are human. We value personal connections with our colleagues and strive to create a genuine, supportive work environment where we look after each other as a team. We know that fun is important, and we bring an energetic spirit to everything we do. Interacting socially with employees or customers help us to get feedback and challenge us to be a succesful company. 

Growing together to unprecedented heights

There is still a lot of growth potential for Vehikit. We cannot do this alone, we need each other for that and we are certainly aware of that. This is why we have to anticipate trends and developments. So we are constantly looking for new colleagues who let us take a fresh look at the market. Colleagues who embark on the adventure with us and who want to grow to unprecedented heights!

5 nationalities

are currently working at VehiKit!

Did you know

that there are an equal number of men and women working at VehiKit?