The Process team

My name is Martijn and I am part of the Process team. We do everything we can to optimize efficiency within the organisation and support the other teams in their work. This means we are involved in all research and development activities within Vehikit. Furthermore, when people have technical questions, they turn to us. We are in close contact with our external (IT-)partners and make sure the systems and programs within the company work properly. The Process team specializes in strategic projects, tool implementations, website development and improvement, issue resolution, process mappings and improving overall and departmental effiency.

Company culture

The best thing about Vehikit is the culture within the company. From lunch walks with everybody in the office to table football tournaments. An informal culture with short lines of communication and caring colleagues. The strong sense of camaraderie and collaboration within the company makes it a friendly and supportive place to work. The cliché of ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ is actually quite fitting for Vehikit.

I feel like Vehikit is a company where there is plenty of room for young professionals to grow and develop different skills. Your path is not set in stone and the people around you are more than happy to think with you about what the future may hold for you. The team’s ‘growth’ mindset resonates with me, as we’re all driven to push boundaries and constantly improve.

I also enjoy working at our company because we are pioneers in selling van equipment online, and the opportunity to be at the forefront of this industry is both exciting and motivating. Our ambition to become the leading platform in Europe fuels my passion to contribute to our growth.