When I arrive in the morning, I walk straight for the coffee machine. First a very strong cup of coffee, then I can start everything and see what the day will bring. My day is often led by all kinds of things. I see a request coming in from a customer who is looking for various products for his vehicle. At the same time, the carrier calls with the results of a package that has fortunately been found and can be delivered. I can also have a meeting with colleagues about how we are going to deal with this new supplier. It is useful if several departments are involved so that we do not forget anything. Then I grab a piece of cake, because another new colleague has been added to our team! Part of my job is also to analyze patterns, for example among customers who have a lot of questions about the assembly of a few products, and to consequently find solutions to optimize the processes.

Kicking a ball

Days are never boring and I like that the focus is always on efficiency and that there is a lot of freedom. Now just kicking around in the warehouse and then the day is really over!