My name is Lars and i did my internship at Vehikit. I am currently 21 years old and am studying business administration at Avans hogeschool in Breda. My internship was about an improvement within the Supply Chain. I took a closer look at the returning proces of Vehikit, because this proces was not running as smooth as it could be and there was enough room for improvement.

Vehikit is an international enterprise which result in working with colleagues that have different nationalities. This makes it al the more fun and a good oppurtunity to improve my english!

Your own responsibility

Vehikit is a dynamic, flexibel, motivated and sociable company. It is also a fairly young and fast growing enterprise. This ensures that you can learn a lot and are given responsibilities quite fast. Ofcourse you have to be able to handle this, but that is where your helpfull colleagues come in. Vehikit offers a interesting and educational internship where you can expect a great time!

Summer job

When my internship came to its end, I was asked if I wanted to stay for a bit longer to help the implementation of the solution that I devised during my internship. This was also an ideal ''summerjob'' to bridge over the summervacation until my next academic year!