My job

My name is Dennis, and I work as a Category Manager at Vehikit. Together with my colleagues in Category Management, I am responsible for ensuring all products have the correct content on the website. Additionally, we ensure that our colleagues' product inquiries are answered promptly so they can provide customers with accurate information.

Part of the success

With our contribution to the website, we truly are a part of the successes that our company achieves. The energy derived from this fuels the joy you bring to work every day. Ultimately, there's no better feeling than knowing the adjustments you make as a Category Manager contribute to our success.

Close-knit team

What appeals to me most about Vehikit is the close-knit team. The sense of camaraderie prevails throughout the company, with everyone ready to support one another. Additionally, the international team adds a vibrant mix of languages and cultures, making for an enriching experience. Together, we contribute to more successes within Vehikit!