Category management

I am Christian, 27 years old and a category manager at Vehikit. You are probably wondering wat a category manager does? My daily activities are very diverse. On one day i spend the entire day calculating new prices, the day after I write a content page for our website or have a meeting with one of our suppliers about a new product. Every day is a mixture of all these activities and we all already wanted them to be done yesterday.

Divers and hectic

This results in me having to coordinate and at the same time having to be flexible with my priorities. This ofcourse can be stressfull, but luckily I can count on my colleagues. I want to learn and improve in my job everyday and take on the challenges that cross my path.

Why VehiKit?

I chose Vehikit as an employer because of the vibrant environment (that i already experienced during the application procedure), the interesting e-commerce industry and the oportunity for autonomous working. I value the flexible working conditions, like the work from home policy and the pleasant and open communication with my colleagues.