Meet Dominika

Hi, my name is Dominika, I am 30 years old and I come from Poland. I joined VehiKit when I decided to change my job after an intense time in e-commerce in the food sector.

My days at work

When I work in our office, I travel from Rotterdam to Waalwijk three times a week. Sometimes I get stuck in traffic, but podcasts and good music make my trip pleasant. We have our own rituals, like greeting everyone who comes to work in the morning - it is very nice and gives me a positive energy. Before I take the first sip of hot coffee, I talk to my colleagues about the previous day, not only professionally - it is extremely important that at work we do not talk only about work. Every day at VehiKit is different, especially in the Marketing Department. Meetings, phone calls , projects are the standards, but there is always space to learn new skills, especially when everyone is really open to sharing knowledge. One moment you are a project manager, in a moment you do analysis, then you talk to clients or suppliers: there is no place for boredom, and I like it when something is going on all the time.


Why Vehikit

Unfortunately, the process of looking for a job, when you do not speak Dutch fluently, can be very difficult in the local job market. At VehiKit, it doesn't matter what language you speak, because we have a great multicultural team and everyone will find their place here. The company opened the door for me to a new chapter in my professional career. It made me feel like a super valuable employee again and what I can bring to the company is interesting for my colleagues and superiors. From the first day of work, I have never felt even a bit of stress, and every day is full of kindness and laughter - a good atmosphere at work and mutual respect are the basis for me.